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Current & Upcoming Programmes (Industry)

If you find yourself or your team struggling with presentations, client communication, or feeling unmotivated and disconnected, our innovative and engaging programme can help address these issues!

The Art of Business is all about putting your workforce, management, and leaders centre stage for their professional development. The creation of theatre incorporates many transferable skills allowing growth and development by taking skills from the stage into the workplace, by taking you from the workplace to the stage!

Why Drama Techniques for Business?

You want a corporate training solution that provides deep learning quickly and in an engaging way.
You want to equip team members and leaders with important and in-demand skills of impactful storytelling and communication, adaptability, creative problem-solving, empathy, resilience, and collaboration that are shaping today’s fast-changing, hybrid workplace. Skills that sometimes require us to learn from a different perspective.

Drama techniques tick all these boxes.

Actors and Directors are:

  • Great communicators
  • Amazing at thinking on their feet
  • Fantastic collaborators
  • Engaging storytellers
  • Wonderful listeners
  • Creative thinkers
  • Effective leaders

The Art of Business series can manifest these qualities and skills in your people from executive to management level.

Why Choose Us

Having 30 years of theatre making under our belt makes Singapore Theatre Company your trusted partner in guiding your people out of the boardroom and into the spotlight, where professional growth thrives beyond their comfort zone.

Training Courses Available



Hear From Our Participants

“I enjoy being able to experience what actor training encompasses, really liked the voice projection exercises. Loved the constant link to non-acting scenarios.” 

"[The workshop] helped me understand myself better. Allowing myself to be more aware of and why I decide on certain things"

“The workshop was engaging on a physical, emotional, mental level. It also provided me with tangible and practical tools.”

Our clients

DBS Bank, Microsoft, Liberty Insurance, HR Magazine, Deloitte, Deloitte University, Fairmont Hotel, Swissotel, Ascendas-Singbridge, Credit Agricole, Sanofi, Agency of Integrated Care, UTI International, Equinix, Brunswick, NUS Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, MAS, PTS Singapore, ENGIE Impact, Hakluyt.

Get in Touch

For more information and group booking enquiries, please email or call 6221 5585.

Workshop Facilitator

Our facilitators have a wealth of experience as actors and directors in Singapore. They have the expertise to smoothly integrate the effective utilisation of drama techniques into a corporate environment.