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Access at STC

STC aims to provide an excellent experience and service for all patrons who may require additional support to access our venue and enjoy our events. The term ‘Access’ refers to the ability to access any service and therefore highlights the adjustments made to support a patron’s journey to STC, our venues and performances. We are committed to developing and improving access through a programme of assisted performances and through our leadership position supporting the Access Arts Hub. If you have an Access enquiry please contact us at 6733 8166 from 11am – 7pm, Monday – Friday. 



Access Development Programme is made possible by Temasek Foundation and GIC.


Access Development Partners


  • Signed performances at SRT shows

    Singapore Sign Language Interpreted Performance (SgSL)

    Sign Language Interpreted performances are designed to cater to patrons who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. In a signed performance, there will be a trained interpreter who will be placed in a visible position on or near the stage. The interpreter will sign all auditory elements of the show using Singapore Sign Language. Advised by The Singapore Association of the Deaf, seating is allocated for each SgSL performance to provide an optimal view to both the show and the interpreter.

  • Signed performances at SRT shows

    Open Captioning (OC)

    Captioned performances are designed to cater to d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing patrons. In a captioned performance, the actors' speech and technical cues, such as sound effects and music, will be described with text displayed on a screen(s) located near the stage. The trained captioner will operate each show live to ensure they adapt to the unique elements of each performance. Seating is specially allocated to provide an optimal view of the performance and the caption screen(s).


  • Audio description at SRT

    Audio Description/ Touch Tours

    An Audio Described performance is for patrons who are Blind or Visually Impaired, who require the theatre performance to be described live by a trained Audio Describer. The performance is verbally described and transmitted to the audience members through their own mobile phone devise with earphones.  The commentary describes body language, expressions and movements that takes place on the stage. Accompanying this service are Touch Tours, which take place on stage prior to the performance. Touch Tours allow patron to touch key props, costume and set, with accompanying description by the Audio Describer. Download your Sennheiser Mobile Connect app now prior to your visit. 

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  • Relaxed Performances at SRT

    Relaxed Performances

    A relaxed performance is designed to allow patrons a more ‘relaxed’ theatre environment. The lighting and sound cues are adjusted to be less startling, patrons can exit and enter the auditorium at any time and a designated quiet space is made available. Patrons who may benefit from this performance include those on the Autistic spectrum, living with Dementia and patrons with diverse learning and communication needs.


  • wheelchair access at SRT

    Wheelchair Users

    KC Arts Centre – Home of STC is accessible for wheelchair users to enter the venue from both the front and rear entrances. There is currently 1 wheelchair space on row Q in the theatre stalls. If you require a wheelchair space or would like to understand more about transferring options, please contact our venue team at or  6733 8166

    STC is developing plans to increase wheelchair seating and support better access to the theatre.  







  • Visual map to SRT

    Visual Stories/ Maps

    Visual Stories are a visual aid that demonstrate what to expect in preparation for a visit to the theatre. They accompany a Relaxed Performance visit to familiarise yourself with our venue prior to a visit. They are also a great tool for anyone visiting KC Arts Centre for the first time.  

    You can  access our visual map that details the key steps to our venue from public transport routes. Click for your desired route:
    Fort Canning MRT
    Robertson Walk – taxi drop off

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