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Acting Up in the corporate world

In today's fast paced corporate world, team leaders and managers need to be as connected as possible to operate effectively. Professional development and team building exercises are more important than ever in helping teams achieve their full potential and navigate the inherent challenges of business.

This is where SRT can help with "The Art of Business", a corporate workshop programme that employs the skills that actors and directors use, working effectively as a team to deliver a performance.

Actors are great communicators; they take on a multitude of characters in many situations and are able to articulate emotion, meaning and messages very effectively. They are great at thinking on their feet, reacting to new situations and brilliant at working in teams. Then there’s the Director, a great example of a Leader; someone listening, responding, guiding and ensuring the play goes on. The Director commands the rehearsal room with respect by being both nurturing and authoritative.

“The training made me think about being more cooperative in terms of voicing out ideas and taking initiative.”
Participant (Art of Teambuilding)

Drawing on 25 years of staging world-class performances, SRT has taken these key skill sets to create a series of workshops that offer a refreshing and innovative approach to professional development with bespoke content relevant for different levels of management, from C-Suite to entry level.

“The instructor was exceptionally engaging, and the momentum and interaction ensured that the team was truly captivated for 2 hours. I would recommend this in other areas of our business moving forward.”
– Client (Art of Communication)

The most recent addition to the programme, The Art of Improvisation, emphasises the importance of practicing softer skills in the workplace. Skills taught in this workshop show participants how to effectively read a room and how to be adaptive when the unexpected happens and how to turn setbacks in to successes.

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Published on: 14-11-2018