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When adults play, children learn

We all know about the importance of parents spending quality time with their children but the benefits of this can be wide-reaching. Not only does playing with children create strong bonds but it also facilitates communication and opens the door for sharing problems when the need arises. Children who feel valued and supported within a family generally deal better later in life when faced with social and emotional challenges and temptations.

SRT's Parent and Child Workshops are focused on introducing children to the magic of drama and storytelling while inviting their parents to actively participate in their exploratory journey. Facilitators create role-play situations where parents act these out with their children, allowing for a physical and sensory bonding experience. Whereas children are naturally curious and uninhibited, role-play can sometimes be challenging for parents. The very act of seeing their parents going out on a limb is in itself, extremely positive and which emboldens children to follow suit.

Equally, parents - who are often used to playing an authoritarian role with their children - find that the activities allow them to interact and collaborate with their children on a level playing field. As a result, children often display confidence and creativity in a way not seen before within the family dynamic.

Parent and Child Workshops are timed to coincide with cultural events or SRT performances, thereby providing opportunities for families to gain an in-depth perspective of what they will go on to see. A recent workshop in partnership with Singapore Art Museum focused activities on sensory activities related to the dimensions of time and space with parent and child flying through space to catch stars together.


A workshop for SRT's Mandarin performance of The Cat in the Hat focused on the construction of stories, connective words and helping children learn how to piece a story together in Mandarin while having fun acting out scenes with their parents.

It’s a well-known fact that the inclusion of drama and storytelling in a child's learning journey is important to balance the ever-increasing focus on academics. But it’s just as important to create opportunities for parent and child to spend time together to connect and bond both physically and emotionally.

Join us for our next parent / child workshops in October/November at KC Arts Centre for The Little Company's production of Nursery Crimes. Email us at for more information.

Published on: 31-08-2018