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Behind the Scenes: A conversation with the cast of Open the Curtains

Hidayat and Ashley are both members of SRT’s Inclusive Young Company (iYC) and they will both be performing in the upcoming iYC showcase, Open The Curtains.

We checked in with Muhammad Hidayat bin Mohammad Yaakob and Ashley Beckwith to get to know more about their experience in iYC and their thoughts about the show. 

How has your experience as a Disabled artist in the Inclusive Young Company been like thus far? 

Ashley: It has been good because I get to experience new things. When I’m out in the real world, I like to show off my acting skills, and people will be amazed. 

Hidayat: It has been an amazing journey. Trying out new things, gaining confidence in trying and experimenting with new movements. 

Open The Curtains is an exploration of Sarah Kane's 4.48 Psychosis. What has this process been like? 

Ashley: This process has been great so far because I have learned what Sarah Kane’s 4.48 Psychosis is all about. It makes me wonder if she needs a hug.

What does the title Open The Curtains mean to you? 

Hidayat: The title for this show reminded me that each and every one of us dons a mask throughout our life as we want to fit into societal norms. To me, “Open The Curtains" means to show our true self.

What is a theme explored in Open The Curtains that you most resonate with? 

Hidayat: The theme that I most resonate with for this production is compassion. To be compassionate towards others, to be compassionate towards myself and to be compassionate towards everything around us. 

What is one takeaway you hope audiences will leave with after watching Open The Curtains

Hidayat: I do hope that they can have a deeper understanding about the d/Deaf, disabled, or neurodivergent community.

Ashley: I hope they'll be amazed by our performance! 

Catch Open the Curtains, a deeply intimate performance that unravels the stories of a group of Disabled youths through an inclusive lens. Opens 27 & 28 Oct 2023 at KC Arts Centre - Home of SRT. Book your tickets here.

SRT’s Inclusive Young Company (iYC) is a holistic acting programme for young persons and adults between the ages of 16 – 35, who identify as d/Deaf, disabled, or neurodivergent. Both SRT and Access Path Productions as organisations believe in addressing the imbalance of accessibility to the arts. Find out more here if you’d like to join the programme, or if you know someone who might be interested!

Published on: 26-10-2023