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An Interview with Chef Manjunath Mural

Chef Manjunath Mural will be curating a four-course culinary experience for our guests at our upcoming dinner theatre experience, Por Por’s Big Fat Surprise Wedding, happening in November! 

We asked Chef Mural 6 questions to get to know more about him! 

1. What is your inspiration for the menu that you’ve curated for Por Por’s Big Fat Surprise Wedding?

My inspiration for the menu curated for Por Por's Big Fat Surprise Wedding stems from the rich tapestry of Singapore itself. It's a multiracial country where diverse cultures coexist in harmony, and the food culture here is incredibly vast and fascinating. This vibrant mix has truly inspired me to craft a menu that captures the essence of this unique cultural mosaic.

2. Could you share some cooking techniques that hold significant importance in Indian cuisine that you incorporate in your dishes?

Certainly, there are several cooking techniques from Indian cuisine that find their way into my dishes. These include the art of slow cooking, such as sous vide, which imparts a distinct tenderness and depth of flavour. Additionally, pot roasting and the technique of chargrilling play pivotal roles in creating the authentic taste and textures associated with Indian culinary traditions.

Mustard Tandoor Portobello & Cheese Kebab
Edamame, Asparagus & Corn Samosa
Pear & Tamarind Mint Sauce (Starters)

3. In your opinion, what's a wonderful aspect of Indian cuisine that you'd like more people to appreciate? 

I'd love for more people to appreciate the incredible array of flavours and tastes that Indian cuisine offers. Indian cuisine is renowned for its extensive use of spices, each lending a unique character to dishes. It's this harmonious blend of diverse spices that makes Indian cuisine truly exceptional and worth savouring.

4. Is there a secret ingredient that you love to cook with?  

While there might not be a single secret ingredient, I believe that the true essence of my cooking lies in the passion and love I put into each dish. These intangible elements infuse every creation with a genuine sense of care and dedication, resulting in memorable culinary experiences.

Chargrilled Chicken in Honey Makhani Sauce
Kadai Asparagus & Brussel Sprout Stirfry,
Black Dal Lentils, Saffron Pulao Rice and Naan (Main)

5. What’s the most unique dish you have ever made? 

I've had the pleasure of creating a delightful dessert called 'Lychee Longan Frostie.' This sweet treat is infused with tropical fruit flavours, offering a refreshing and exotic experience that surprises the palate.

6. If you could only cook and eat one dish for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? 

That would undoubtedly be Butter Chicken. Its creamy, flavourful sauce combined with tender pieces of chicken has a timeless appeal that never gets old. It's comfort food at its finest, and its versatility makes it a true favourite that I could savour endlessly.

Lychee & Longan Kulfi (Dessert)

Feast on a four-course culinary experience curated by Chef Manjunath Mural at Por Por’s Big Fat Surprise Wedding. Opens 8 Nov 2023 at One Farrer Hotel. Book your tickets here.

Published on: 17-10-2023