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Diversity on our stage

KC Arts Centre may be home to SRT, but the theatre also plays host to a diverse range of groups, experiences and performances.

In June, fifty-six children took part in a whole week of drama, craft and music in SRT’s STAGE Camp. This culminated in a theatrical presentation at the end of the week for friends and family at KC Arts Centre. The little ones courageously took to stage to showcase what they learnt, all in a safe and nurturing environment.

Another group who had the chance to step on stage this year was participants of SRT’s Theatre Masterclass. The corporate training workshop brought corporate leaders centerstage to use theatre techniques to discover their Executive Self. The stage is a high-pressure space and can serve as an excellent platform to nurture great communicators and leaders.

Later this month, KC Arts Centre will welcome yet another group who fully understands the pressure of performing on stage – stand-up comedians. With nary a prop on stage, comedians rely on their amazing talent, courage and inventiveness to deliver one punchline after another. Come and experience a night of exceptional entertainment from 19 to 21 July when the MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL COMEDY FESTIVAL ROADSHOW plays at KC Arts Centre.

Another show to lookout for is James Fritz’ The Fall which will be staged at KC Arts Centre on 24 and 25 August. The Fall is presented by SRT’s The Young Company actors as their graduation show, having completed two years of training in all aspects of theatre.

Evidently, KC Arts Centre is not just home to SRT, but also home to little ones, busy executives, seasoned comedians and aspiring actors and so much more.

Published on: 16-07-2018