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Enjoy the best of outdoor theatre

Here are some useful tips to ensure you get the best theatre experience in the picturesque setting at Fort Canning Park.

  1. Early bird catches the best spot

Arrive early to get the best spots in the park. Strategizing where to sit can make a difference on the level of experience you want to get out of the performance. If you are coming with friends but will be late, ask them to reserve an area for all of you.

  1. Keeping it cool and under control

When attending an outdoor performance do note that you will be exposed to all its elements. We are talking about nature, weather and accessibility. Dress comfortably, pack light and wear comfortable shoes. If you are coming straight from work, prepare an extra set of clothing and comfortable footwear.

Keeping your body hydrated is important. A personal tip is to leave a bottle of water in the freezer overnight and bring it along wrapped in a towel so that it stays semi-cold throughout the performance. Cools your body and great for those nasty heat-induced headaches!

This is also the best time to whip out those handheld fans. Battery operated fans are great too, however the noise may distract your neighbours during the performance.

  1. Buzz away!

Bring Insect repellents, patches, lotions to keep mosquitos and other insects away. Lemongrass, Citronella or grapefruit scented oils or spray are great substitutes and they smell lovely! Another tip is to pack your food in airtight containers or ziploc bags so you do not have to worry about ants crawling all over that sandwich while you are busy watching the performance.

  1. “Alfresco Dining”

Picnics are fun and you can pack just about anything to a picnic (except ice-cream!). If you are coming with a group of friends, plan ahead on dividing the list so that everyone can get something to ease off the load. While it is great to sit on the grass and being one with nature, bringing along a picnic mat and maybe a few seat cushions for comfort, will help you last the hours and set the ambience.

(There will be delectable picnic hampers available for sale at Shakespeare in the Park – Julius Caesar. Check it out here!)

  1. Research!

Take some time and do a little bit of research prior to the performance day.  Finding out about the show, how to get there, available parking spaces, on-site ticket purchases or collection, and wet weather policies will potentially make your evening more enjoyable.  Such information can be found through various channels like the theatre company’s website and all ticketing platforms.

  1. Be considerate

Even if the performance is held in the outdoors, basic theatre etiquettes should still apply. Being considerate to other audience members will help make the evening pleasant for everyone. Avoid chatting loudly, taking flash photography or walking in the line of others during the performance. Other considerations can include, making sure the portable toilets are not nasty for the next person to use and disposing any trash before you leave. Keep the park clean!

Now you are ready to revel in a wonderful night out at a beautiful location with Shakespeare in the Park – Julius Caesar, from 2 May 2018. Get your tickets here. Enjoy!

This article was contributed by Ina Awang, SRT’s Assistant Venue Manager, who has since worked on seven Shakespeare in the Park. Julius Caesar will be the eighth Shakespeare in the Park for Ina.

Published on: 09-04-2018