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Longlist for The Coronalogues - What's Your Silver Lining?

A total of 20 submissions for The Coronalogues – What’s Your Silver Lining? were longlisted, with 9 submissions from the Open Category and 11 submissions from the Youth Category.

The judges have further shortlisted 3 videos from each category, which will be announced on 27 July 2020. The videos will be released on SRT’s social media, and you’ll be able to vote for your Viewer’s Choice. The video from each category with the most votes will each win the Viewer’s Choice and $500.

Find out the winners here.

Comments from the Judges

“All the submissions showed a great deal of thought and effort. The pieces that kept me riveted had a couple of things in common – The video quality was not just competent but creatively employed. Also, these scripts were fresh and cohesive. However, the entries that truly resonated with me, that moved me, were those where the video’s authenticity came across honestly and unabashedly.”
- Dora Tan

“It was wonderful to see such a varied, creative and imaginative assortment of Coronalogues, I was especially impressed with our youth entries who found new and inventive ways to express their thoughts about Covid-19 and the circuit breaker through filming techniques, editing, special effects and animation. Many of the pieces were honest and moving reflections on a unique period in our history and were both written and performed with sensitivity, openness and personality. It was delightful to see that the circuit breaker has not diminished creativity and imagination.”
- Daniel Jenkins

“I was delighted by how whole-heartedly Singaporeans have embraced this wonderful project and really enjoyed watching everyone’s monologues, especially each person's own silver lining. Our hope is that in years to come, SRT's Coronalogue project will serve as an audio/visual history that will enable future generations to look back and reflect on this surreal year that we are living through.”
- Gaurav Kripalani

Open Category

  1. I’m Not Complain Queen by Isabel Lim
  2. Life is Short by Jamie Tan
  3. Possible by Dwayne Tan
  4. Pause by Julie Gouin
  5. Roller Coaster by Rahul Ghai & Wendi Lim
  6. Horizons of Friendships by Miriam Cheong
  7. (Re)Opening up by Lim Jun De
  8. Post Pandemic Resolution by Karisa Poedjirahardjo
  9. Being Grateful by Rekha Guru

Youth Category

  1. A Zoom is Not a Hug by Ryan Tan
  2. Home Based, Learning by Reyna Ang
  3. Running Out by Paeony Yeo
  4. The Best Time Doing Shakespeare I've Ever Had by Kiara Pillai
  5. Happy for You by Clara Margalo
  6. Is there a Silver Lining in Death? by Vivien Low
  7. Sunflower Seeds by Victoria Maxim
  8. Doing What I Want to Do by Emily Kitamura
  9. Benny by Andre Loh & Jerica Wong
  10. My Time by Vala Saanvi
  11. Not So Bad After All by Nur Syazwana

Find out more about The Coronalogues – What’s Your Silver Lining? here.

Published on: 22-07-2020