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Permission to Play

In May 2019, we closed an 11-day engagement programme with Wolf Trap from the US, concluding with an event called Permission to Play. There were two main purposes for the event:

  • To celebrate the launch of Singapore Wolf Trap managed by SRT, the 20th affiliate organisation and the first outside of the US
  • To share the platform with our industry friends, highlighting how Arts Integration can ignite new ideas when approaching Early Childhood Development in Singapore

At the event, we shared the stage with Playeum, The Artground and the Da Vinci Group. They offered wonderful insights into how they approach early childhood development through the Arts, Play and Science. They reinforced the idea that the arts is a valid way to engage children in learning and offering teachers even more strategies to create immersive and holistic environments for learning.  We also acknowledged that there are many more organisations in this field whom we can collaborate to brings Arts integration in their curriculum. This is where Singapore Wolf Trap comes in to:

  • Work with established companies, artists and educators working in this field
  • Develop a new generation of Teaching Artists who can continue to collaborate and grow the work in Singapore
  • Add value to the work of local artists to take into the context of Singapore’s school systems
  • Provide the platform where Teaching Artists and Arts Organisations share what works, what challenges us and create best practises of arts integration that inspires development locally

On a personal side, I firmly believe in the power of cultural partnerships and advocate strongly that partnership between arts and cultural organisations within the education system; is not only meaningful but has a real impact on the student's attainment and the culture of the school as a whole. 

What’s next for us after the Permission to Play event?  We’ll be piloting Singapore Wolf Trap’s Classroom Residency Programme across Singapore, working in neighbourhood pre-schools to understand, adapt and embed the programme in a way that works for Singapore. 

If you would like to hear more Singapore Wolf Trap and the Classroom Residency Model, please email or call 6221 5585. 


Published on: 27-06-2019