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KC Arts Centre gets SG Clean certification!

The clean and white interior design at KC Arts Centre has always meant that the venue must be thoroughly cleaned in order to maintain that pristine condition. But more than that, it’s also for everyone who comes to our theatre that they enjoy the safety cleanliness of the place.

It’s no wonder that when Covid-19 started making news in February, our venue team sprang into immediate action. There was an increase in the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting of the venue. The team also approached NEA to apply for the SG Clean certification. They were motivated by their strong sense of responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of anyone and everyone who walk through the venue doors.

Then on 7 April, the circuit breaker happened. The SG Clean application was put on hold because no one could come to assess and inspect the venue.

Meanwhile, the venue team started exploring self-disinfecting solutions that could kill germs and bacteria for a longer duration and act as the base level of protection, on top of the regular cleaning. They found the answer in Antimicrobial Shield. In early October, the theatre venue was given the antimicrobial treatment that utilizes the latest virus and germ-killing technology, so effective that it kills 99.99% of viruses and germ pathogens instantly on contact.

The process to obtain SG Clean applications re-started in October with a first interview and within two weeks, KC Arts Centre obtained the SG Clean certification! The speed at which the certification was obtained showed the steely determination of the venue team and the extra mile they go to protect its patrons’ safety so that the audience could return to the theatre with a peace of mind.

SRT may be one of the first theatre companies to invest in the antimicrobial coating and obtain the SG Clean certification but all of this was done as part of its commitment to safeguard the public health and ensure the continued vibrancy of the arts scene in Singapore.

KC Arts Centre – Home of SRT is SG Clean certified!

Published on: 29-10-2020