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Beyond Games & Gadgets: A Stage Camp Holiday Adventure by STC’s Centre for Creative Learning

The June Holidays are almost here! Parents, rejoice! Time for your kids to loosen up and explore a world of adventure beyond their screens. If you’re seeking an escape for your kids from the grip of online games and gadgets and searching for an interactive and impactful learning experience for the school break, look no further than Stage Camp by Singapore Theatre Company’s Centre for Creative Learning! 

Stage Camp is the ultimate holiday drama camp for your kids because they get to: 

1. Shine Onstage!

At Stage Camp, your kids will relish the special experience of performing in a professional setting, and present their creative works live during their end-of-camp performance! Families and friends will also create precious memories as they watch their kids’ works dramatised in colourful and inventive ways under the spotlight. It’s always a joy for us to hear parents rave about the final showcases being one of their kids’ camp experience highlights. 

2. Learn Language the Fun Way! 

Tongue twisters, musical numbers, devising scripts – get your kids learning language the fun way with a choice of either our English or Mandarin drama camps! Educational activities like reading, singing nursery rhymes and language games are aimed to train your kids’ public speaking and communication skills. It also increases their proficiency and interest in their mother tongue!  

At the Mandarin camp last November, parents were certainly impressed by their children's passionate recitation of Tang and Song Ci poetry, during a unique dramatisation of Mulan. Talk about a wow moment! #proudparent 

3. Overcome Shyness and Build Confidence! 

Imagine your child standing tall, beaming with confidence as they captivate an audience! At Stage Camp, we use drama techniques to build these lifelong skills: 

  1. Learning breathwork to enhance voice projection would lead to an improvement in public speaking skills 

  1. Experimenting with different characters’ postures while devising storylines can heighten understanding of how body movement can tell a story, building on creativity 

  1. Improvisation exercises are also introduced to explore risk taking 

  1. Finally, your kids will have a chance to showcase their newfound confidence and skills in a dazzling performance! 

At our previous June Stage Camp, campers brought the timeless tale of The Three Billy Goats Gruff to life onstage. Many parents gave feedback that their kids’ confidence increased exponentially through their time at the drama camp, aligning with the MOE’s desired outcomes of education: a confident child who has a zest for life, is adaptable and resilient, thinks independently, and communicates effectively is well-prepared to thrive in this fast-changing world. 


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Holidays are the best time for your kids to immerse themselves in experiences which are both entertaining and rewarding at the same time. Through this fulfilling June Holiday activity, your kids will be able to discover the joy of performance, ultimately building on their confidence and social skills. 

Ready to give your child an unforgettable holiday experience?
Stage Camp by STC’s Centre for Creative Learning is available for both 4 – 6 year olds, as well as 7 – 12 year olds, with a choice of English or Mandarin camps! 

Spots are limited, so register your child now! The camp runs for 4 exciting weeks, each with a fantastical theme to keep them engaged.  

Published on: 23-04-2024