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Stage Camp Fun with The Cat in the Hat

SRT’s June STAGE camps were abuzzed with excitement and anticipation. Fifty-six children spent a week at the STAGE camp based on the story of The Cat in the Hat. Not only were they exposed to simple drama skills such as devising, improvisation, gesturing and voice works, but they also had the chance to present their stories to their families at the end of the week.   

Many entered the workshop feeling nervous or shy while others felt excited and completely at home upon entering the workshop space. The first day saw many of them adjusting to the new environment, teachers, peers and the flow of the workshop.  At our workshops, we believe in allowing children to have the space and the time  they need to adjust to a new surroundings. The child should not be pressured into sharing or participating in activities or discussions when they are not comfortable. To get the children comfortable,  our facilitators constantly offered them words of encouragement to let them know that they will be there supporting and guiding them through each activity. With this belief at the core of our workshops, we have seen many children come through our doors reserved and at the end of the camp, leave as confident, self-assured individuals. 

Parents played a big role through this process as well. They were able to hand the children over to the facilitators knowing and trusting that their child was in a safe and nurturing environment. Many parents were overwhelmed when they saw their children performing on the stage for the first time. One parent shared that no matter what kind of day her child was having, all that disappeared when the child was at the camp.

Theatre does transport the children and helps strengthen their self-confidence and connects them with their peers.

SRT conducts STAGE camps for children every school holiday. Watch out for our next STAGE Camp in November and December 2018. 

Published on: 12-07-2018