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Spotlight on Lifelong Learning, Through Drama

Parenting in Singapore is no walk in the park, but raising your mini-me's here is one thrilling adventure!  

Even so, how do you ensure your child has the skills to adapt in an ever-changing environment, the freedom to play and experiment, all while navigating the wonders of growing up?  

We’ve got you covered.  

Singapore Theatre Company (STC) provides a wide range of immersive experiences for children, both on stage and off. These creative opportunities, like Stage Camp by STC’s Centre for Creative Learning and the upcoming production of The Three Little Pigs by The Little Company (TLC), offer many benefits for your kids. 


Natural Exposure to Play-Based Learning 

“Children get to create their own script and there are a lot of games. No need to memorise long long script!” 
- Parent of a participant from our ‘I’m Not Scared!’ Stage Camp (Sep 2023) 

Stage Camp offers the perfect environment for your child to be naturally exposed to play-based learning, an engaging teaching method that allows freedom to play while imparting important lessons and skills.  

We take that playful energy and turn it into a learning experience unlike any other. 

Cooperative Play  

stage camp

Incorporating narratives into drama games and creating props will encourage our 4 – 6 year old campers to play and tap into their creativity, while making new friends. 

Structured & Reality-Oriented Play 

stage camp

On the other hand, our 7 – 12 year olds will explore complex scenarios and negotiate with their fellow campmates to bring their ideas to life through tableaux creation and storyline outcomes.  

By offering tailored yet playful drama activities that are attuned to how children learn, your child maintains self-motivation, develop social skills and emotional intelligence.  

The best part? They're having a blast the whole time, learning without even realizing it! 


Playtime...But Make It Powerful! 

“He enjoyed the creative authoring process, gave him a chance to get a little crazy and make his friends laugh.” 
– Parent of a participant from our ‘Wordplay/Broadway’ Stage Camp (Nov-Dec 2023)  

Remember how you used to spend hours creating imaginary worlds as a kid, or act as out-of-this-world characters?  

Turns out, that wasn't only fun and games, it was a little something called “pretend play”! Now here's where we get a little scientific...but hear us out! Science has proven that pretend play is hugely influential on a child’s emotional development and a super vitamin for the brain!  

More Play, More Growth 

Pretend play acts as a brain booster, improving speech, cognitive processing, self-awareness, and self-regulation. On the flip side, play deprivation hinders brain development and problem-solving skills. Bet you didn’t think so! 

Brain Power Onstage & Offstage Too! 

At Stage Camp, your child gets to put this brainpower into action – flying spaceships, solving mysteries, and maybe even battling dragons (all pretend, of course!).  

These adventures aren't just for bragging rights (although those are pretty sweet too) – they're actually training their brains to be adaptable and ready to learn anything. 

Our productions at TLC are just as effective. The interactivity of these productions provides the valuable chance to train their problem-solving skills the fun way.  

Build resilience 

“Getting to perform to a live audience has helped her overcome her performance anxiety. To spend time with this group of kind and nurturing teachers and friends has helped her to become more comfortable with making mistakes.”  
– Parent of a participant from our ’Plant, Grow, and Nurture Your Talents’ Stage Camp (Mar 2024) 

stage camp

Life throws curveballs, that's a fact. But what if your child could learn to handle them with grace and confidence? That's the beauty of drama! 

Drama offers a unique opportunity for children to learn how to be agile, experience failure, and try again.  

Activities that stimulate this learning will be imparted to your child at Stage Camp, such as ensemble thinking, improvisation, and role-playing, equipping them with strategies that build their resilience in a safe space.  

All to say... 

By naturally exposing your child to play-based learning, stimulating their brain development, and building their resilience, our fun yet enriching drama programmes allow them to learn in immediate ways while preparing them for the future!  

Ready to unlock the power of drama for your child?     

Check out our page for two awesome upcoming events your child won't want to miss! Remember, drama isn't just about putting on a show – it's about unlocking your child's full potential!  

For a fun and enriching experience that ignites creativity, sets the stage for a successful future, and creates lasting memories, enroll your child in Stage Camp! Spots are filling up fast, so don't miss out – register your child today! 

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Published on: 03-05-2024