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Daniel Jenkins speaks about The Fall

After two years of practical training in theatre, Singapore Repertory Theatre's The Young Company will perform James Fritz’s The Fall as their graduation show. Directed by Daniel Jenkins, The Fall is a candid and moving look at young people's relationship with ageing and intergenerational differences.  We speak to Daniel Jenkins to find out more about the show.

Tell us about the The Young Company. 

I have been working with SRT since 2008, firstly as an actor and then as manager of The Young Company. The Young Company offers young people who are interested in finding out more about performing and the industry the opportunity to work for two years with a professional theatre company. With an emphasis on acting and performing, we meet once a week to train and explore acting, performance and theatre-making. The students get to learn from professionals within industry who really know what it takes to succeed as well as perform in SRT’s fantastic Shakespeare in the Park productions and have the chance to perform their graduation showcase at the KC Arts Centre. 

What’s great about working with younger actors and graduates?

It is so lovely to work with students who are keen, ambitious and eager to learn as much as they can. Their enthusiasm, dedication and hard work is infectious and I am so proud to see them grow over the two years training and go on to forge careers within the industry and be successful in whatever they choose to do. It is so important for them to have a safe place to go with other like-minded young people to share their love of performing and hone their acting skills and as the longest-running youth training programme in Singapore attached to a professional theatre company, SRT’s The Young Company offers them this opportunity.

How did the decision to stage The Fall come about?

I came across The Fall as I was looking for contemporary, powerfull plays for the Young Company to perform for their graduation showcase. This led me to look at the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain’s website at their past productions. As a former member of the NTYGB I knew the plays they chose were particularly suitable for large casts and young people in particular and The Fall stood out as a unique exciting script that was specifically written and designed for young people to perform. As with all TYC graduation shows it is important that the students work on a script that is well written and challenges them. The Fall certainly does this.

We heard that The Fall is written by a young, garlanded playwright James Fritz. Is the material exciting to work with?

Very exciting and challenging. It is great to work on something that is so up to date and that resonates with the young actors. James Fritz is an up and coming playwright who has already been heralded for his work. I am sure that we will hear a lot more about him and his work in the next few years. 

Why should people come and watch The Fall

The Fall is a powerful, funny, moving play that really makes an audience consider life from both a young person and an older person’s perspective. It asks some difficult, pertinent questions about aging and the difficulties the youth of today face as they grow older. It is touching, humorous, shocking and sometimes uncomfortable, but like all good theatre it holds a mirror up to society and challenges us to question ourselves and our beliefs. Without a doubt audiences will be left withquestions and thoughts that will continue to be discussed long after they’ve left the theatre. 

The Fall will run at the KC Arts Centre – Home of SRT from 24 – 25 August. To find out more about the show or to book your tickets, please click here.

Published on: 10-08-2018