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10 reasons why Shakespeare in the Park is Daniel Jenkins’ favourite event

Actor Daniel Jenkins just can’t get enough of Shakespeare in the Park. He has appeared in 9 out of the 11 of Shakespeare in the Park productions playing a myriad of roles from the overly ambitious Malvolio in Twelfth Night to the priestly Father Laurence in Romeo and Juliet. This May 2023, Daniel takes on yet another interesting role in A Midsummer Night’s Dream where his character goes through a shocking transformation. 

Here are top 10 reasons why Shakespeare in the Park is Daniel Jenkins’ favourite event: 

  1. Extraordinary setting - where else do you get to perform in such a huge scale in a beautiful outdoor setting at Fort Canning Park 
  2. The scale and size of the production - there is no other Singapore theatre production with set, lighting, sound, crew, production, cast, FOH, toilets, catering, dressing rooms on such scale and to be part of something of this size, I find amazing.  
  3. Love of Shakespeare’s words - we get to perform Shakespeare!!! Despite being over 400 years old, it contains some of the most beautiful dialogue ever written and spoken by so many of the best actors in history. I am also drawn to Shakespeare’s timeless themes and complex characters. 
  4. The Audience – Shakespeare in the Park attracts a wide range of audiences, from casual picnickers to die-hard Shakespeare fans. Performing to an audience of up to 2,000 patrons is simply breath taking. Nowhere else in Singapore do you have such a shared experience with so many people.  
  5. Audience experience - they get to eat, drink, sleep, sit up, lie down. Basically, chill out and relax under the stars and enjoy the show with family and friends.  



  1. Weather - whether it rains or stays dry, there is an excitement and unpredictability about performing outdoors where the elements play such a vital part of the experience. And in so many of Shakespeare’s plays, where the natural elements of the moon, stars, wind, and rain play an important part, it’s very apt that they also play a leading role in our production too. 
  2. Priests, chillies, and virgins - I’m not 100% sure about the virgin part, but we have religious leaders from every faith bless our production, set and team, which is a performance in itself. Some people say that planting chilli and onions will keep the rain away. Let’s just say that there have been occasions where it can be raining everywhere else in Singapore but over Fort Canning Park, somehow the skies are miraculously clear, so it works!!  
  3. Camaraderie - the spirit that is created within the cast, crew and FOH team is extraordinary. Knowing that we are all working for the same goal, creating amazing theatre and wonderful experiences for our audiences is brilliant. Plus, the togetherness of the audience and the spirit and energy we get from them (particularly if by chance it happens to rain but the show still goes on) is amazing. 
  4. The future - as theatre creators, we have a responsibility to engage the next generation of audience members and Shakespeare in the Park allows us to really connect with so many schools and students. We can excite them about language, literature, performing and theatre and share with them an unforgettable experience that will stay with them forever. 
  5. We are creating Singapore theatre history - there is nothing like Shakespeare in the Park and to be part of something this iconic, which puts both SRT and Singapore theatre on the map, is something very special that we can all be proud of. 

Be like Daniel Jenkins. What are your top reasons why Shakespeare in the Park is your favourite event. Haven’t got your tickets yet? Go to to buy your tickets and do check out the available promotions. 


Published on: 13-04-2023