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Understanding cutting-edge technologies to enhance accessibility for theatre 

SRT and Access Arts Hub have teamed up with Nathan Geering of Rationale Theatre, and Republic Polytechnic (RP), to bring you an exciting event that includes a laboratory project.  

We would like to invite you to Demystifying Tech, an event which looks at how cutting edge technologies can be used to enhance accessibility within theatre. This event will give you the space to learn about a variety of technologies and how they can be used within a theatrical context to not only enhance accessibility, but to enrich theatrical experience.  

During the event you will be able to pose questions to Nathan and the experts at RP about working with technology to create productions that maximise storytelling capabilities – without compromising on artistic integrity.

Person wearing VR headset and holding two VR triggers in their hands.
Photo Credit: School of Technology for the Arts, Republic Polytechnic

Demystifying Technology aims to: 

  • Explore ways in which technology can be used to enhance accessibility in theatrical productions 

  • Demystify the barriers that arts companies face when they want to work with new technologies, specifically related to audience accessibility.  

  • Give examples of how successful collaborations between technology and theatre-making can be achieved.  

As part of the event, there will be presentations by individuals / organisations, demonstrating the potential application of new technologies, and how they can enhance audience accessibility as well as the artistic aesthetic within productions. 

Who Should Attend:

Creative thinkers, artists and technologists, including creators, makers and producers from organisations as well as individuals. In the interest of ensuring an inclusive and dynamic environment for exploration, each workshop will be open to disabled and non-disabled persons to collaborate.  

Two film makers, looking directly at camera, holding a smart phone and clipboard.
Photo Credit: School of Technology for the Arts, Republic Polytechnic

Why Should I Attend:

  • You will gain knowledge and understanding of cutting-edge technologies by trying out a variety of hardware and software first-hand. The experience you gain will help demystify any uncertainties you may have surrounding technology. 

  • You will learn new techniques and methodologies on how to utilise these technologies to enhance your artistic practice. 

  • You will learn how to enhance your audience reach and open new possibilities in theatre making. 

  • You will learn how to make your productions more inclusive to disabled artists and how to enhance accessibility for both disabled and non-disabled audiences. 

  • You will make connections with technologists who are open to cultivating long term relationships to help you gain a deeper understanding of how you can embed technology into your practice in creative ways. 

  • Most importantly, you will get the opportunity to be creative and have fun with tech that's on offer! 

Why should I care about using technology to enhance accessibility and experience? 

“As time goes on our world is becoming more reliant on tech, now more than ever technology is being used to connect people. At the touch of a button, you can connect with people on the other side of the world. However, technology alone is not enough, we need creativity to cultivate meaningful experiences and relationships. Making experiences accessible is a powerful way to ensure that people feel valued and included. When we don't have access to things the world can feel like a lonely place. When technology is harnessed correctly it can help develop and heighten accessibility for both disabled and non-disabled audiences. Right now, there are millions of people across the world with disabilities who cannot access the work you make. Through making your work accessible you in turn gain access to millions of new audience members, thus creating the potential for you to be able to thrive as an artist like never before! In addition to this, technology can help unlock your full artistic potential and is a creative tool that every artist should have at their disposal.” 

– Nathan Geering, Chief Executive of Rationale Method 

Workshop Structure:

Pre-workshop: Relevant introduction documents and videos from Nathan on this subject will be sent to participants to build knowledge. The resources will help participants engage in learning about the workshop, Nathan and his company in preparation for the live sessions. 

Dates for live workshops:  

Session 1: 4pm – 9pm, Tuesday 23rd March*  

Session 2: 4pm – 9pm, Wednesday 24th March*  

Session 3: 4pm – 9pm, Thursday 25th March* 

*You are only required to attend one workshop listed above. Light refreshments will be served.  

Administration Fee:

$25 per pax.  

For Non-Disabled Artists/Technologists: 

We’re currently fully booked. If you’d like to join our waiting list, please e-mail 

For D/deaf and Disabled Artists/Technoloigists:

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Take a sneak peek into what you’ll learn:



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About Nathan Geering

Against a blurry backdrop Nathan is jumping high in the air with his wrists crossed in front of his face. His fingers are spread like the wings of a butterfly with his thumbs covering his closed eyes. His ankles are crossed and his knees are pointing outwards creating a diamond shape with his legs. He is wearing a bright orange sweater with brown elbow-pads, navy blue jeans and grey trainers with red laces   The entire picture radiates the energy that you dont need sight in order to take flight.

Nathan specialises in accessibility innovation and strives to make work that heightens accessibility for both disabled and non-disabled artists and audiences. He was the Artistic Director of the 2017 Special Olympics Opening Ceremony and brought together artists who had physical and intellectual disabilities with non-disabled artists to put on an event that challenged the general public's expectations of what people with physical and intellectual disabilities can achieve. His passion for innovating cutting edge technologies and accessibility within dance, theatre, music production and art has lead him to develop The Rationale Method of Audio Description which utilises the skills of beatboxers and poets to provide a richer soundscape for people with visual impairment. This not only enhances accessibility for both sighted and visually impaired audiences it also transforms the aesthetic and form of artistic productions. This unique method of audio description has enhanced accessibility for contemporary dance, opera and theatrical productions. 

In 2019 Nathan became a TEDx speaker and appeared on BBC television to spread knowledge of his unique Rationale Method. He continues to implement his work both nationally and internationally to bridge the gap between disabled and non-disabled artists and audiences the world over. 

In 2020 Nathan became a published author and an award winning film maker! His debut film "Still A Slave" won Best Editing at Frostbite International Film Festival. What's really special about this film is that the Rationale Method of audio description is fully integrated into the film's sound score meaning that sighted and visually impaired audiences get the same experience. This levels the playing field in terms of accessibility and is proof that accessibility can be recognised as an integral part of film making and artistic expression.


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This programme is brought to you by the David Marshall Endowment supported by Temasek Foundation.