Singapore Repertory Theatre

General Information

Organisation: Singapore Theatre Company Ltd.
Address: KC Arts Centre - Home of STC
20 Merbau Road
Singapore 239035
Contact Information  
Telephone No: (65) 6221 5585
Fax No: (65) 6221 1936
Email Address:
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Charity Status  
Charity Regn No: 01526
Charity Regn Date: 3 October 2001
Constitution: Company limited by guarantee and not having share capital
Date of Establishment: 18 March 1993
ROS/RCB Regn No: 199301614N
Objectives: To produce professional theatre in Singapore.
Vision: To inspire, engage and entertain audiences of all ages.
Mission: To stage theatre of the highest calibre, developing and collaborating with the best talent in the world, and to be known as the most professional and progressive theatre company in Asia.
Auditor: Grant Thornton Audit LLP
Financial Information:

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