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Current & Upcoming Programmes (Industry)

Impactful and confident communication is an in-demand skill in the modern workplace and continue to be business-critical in an ever-changing corporate environnment.  

The Art of Business One-to-One Executive Coaching will focus on practical ways to look, sound, and feel more confident. You will learn how to engage and relate to an audience, raise your status, and get your message across through personalised and in-depth coaching with a professional theatre facilitator. 

Duration: 12 coaching sessions. 1 hour per session.

Recommended for: Middle Management to C-suite 

Learning Goals:

  • To be more aware of different aspects of communication, including how to use voice and body language to maximum effect  

  • To have a greater understanding of the techniques actors use in their work which can be used when giving presentations, hosting meetings, and meeting clients 

  • To cultivate an understanding of how to employ effective communication in both online and offline environments 

  • To be more aware of your own communication style and to develop an understanding of audience/actor relationships 

  • Understand the structures of storytelling and how to apply such structures to deepen connection and engagement with an audience 

  • Have the chance to practice public speaking in a safe environment coached by a professional theatre facilitator 

For more information and group booking enquiries, please email at or at 6221 5585.