Singapore Repertory Theatre

Past Programmes


  • SRT is excited to partner with educators, offering programs that offer skill development in drama as pedagogy. We believe that drama is a natural medium for critical and inventive thinking, developing empathy, cultivating creativity and self-awareness, all of which are essential competencies in the 21st century. It also offers a deeper experience of a subject area for students with a variety of learning styles.

  • English and Drama Teachers

    Active Shakespeare: Lessons from the RSC’s rehearsal room

    This four-day course gave 25 educators the pedagogical skills and confidence to apply active approaches to teaching Shakespeare in their classrooms. Inspired by of the work of actors and directors in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s rehearsal rooms, the course explored approaches to Shakespeare’s plays that could be transferred to other kinds of literature and which support students’ development of 21st century competencies.

    The educators – a mix of teaching artists, Drama teachers, and English teachers – gathered to learn from RSC practitioners Rachel Gartside and Michael Corbidge, as well as from each other. They learned through experiencing the methods as learners themselves and then adapting these methods to their particular classrooms, creating lesson plans and reflecting on how these methods can be used to achieve subject and social-emotional learning objectives.

    “I felt that I was a student once again, and that I’m learning again. When I was in that position, I could see myself doing collaborative learning and listening. The hands-on activities – especially story-telling, questioning – excellent strategies. We have benefited greatly from the workshop, and this enthusiasm rubbed off our students when we came back for Term 2. I am sure we have sown the seeds for the love for Shakespeare.”
    – Patsy Chua, HOD Literature (Lower Secondary), Bukit View Secondary School

    “All the activities were fantastic & could be used in my classroom. I particularly learned from the role play, tableaux and writing in role activities. Prior to the workshops, I had hoped to develop a “tool box” of hands-on strategies and….I got that! Experiencing the activities as a learner showed me how powerful they would be for my students. I would recommend it to my colleagues as they would benefit from all the experiential work.”
    – Jacyntha England, Head of Arts, ISS International School

    “The resources provided are excellent as were the activities. Beautifully delivered with enthusiasm and understanding of all levels. I gained a better understanding of how to approach the texts. I would definitely recommend it to my colleagues. I thought the course was excellent and it was wonderful to have this resource available in SE Asia for those working in an international setting. Thank you!”
    – Rachel McCue, Drama Teacher, Tenby International School (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

  • Early Childhood Educators

    Early Learning Development Agency (ECDA) Learning Journey – November 2013

    24 early childhood educators from centres across Singapore came to SRT on a learning journey. They enjoyed watching SRT’s The Little Company’s Red Riding Hood and then participated in a short workshop that introduced them to drama as pedagogy.

    Professional Development Course for PAP Community Foundation – June 2014

    27 early childhood educators and curriculum writers from PCF participated in an intensive 2-day professional development course that introduced them to using active, drama-based approaches to teaching. We used the familiar stories in PCF’s K-2 Big Book Curriculum to explore various drama activities and conventions that can be transferred to other areas of learning and child development.

    Red Riding Hood in the Classroom! Using the arts for teaching and learning – October 2014

    Organised in conjunction with SRT’s The Little Company’s Red Riding Hood, this workshop introduced 9 early childhood educators to using active, arts-based approaches to teaching in their classroom. We used the familiar tale of Red Riding Hood to explore using various drama conventions that can be transferred to other areas of learning and child development.

    “This workshop prepares us for SPARK. I enjoyed the session – very practical examples that can be used in the classroom. The best course I have attended so far.”
    – PAP Community Foundation Kindergarten Teacher