Singapore Repertory Theatre

Meet Hanuman – the superhero monkey, who destroys monsters, defeats evil kings and restores order to the world. Follow his journey, part cartoon, part film, part musical and part physical theatre, into a land of myth, mystery and many adventures. SRT’s The Little Company presents this original multimedia and highly visual theatre, created in collaboration with the UK’s Imitating the Dog, who bring their unique theatre style to this epic tale adapted from the Ramayana, and featuring music by Soumik Datta, one of the biggest new music talents in UK.

Watch worlds and landscapes change in the blink of an eye and witness the extraordinary feats of Hanuman and his cheeky band of monkey friends as they battle to create a better world.

Cast size: 5 

Creative Team:
Co-Writers and Directors: Peter Brooks and Andrew Quick
Composer: Soumik Datta
Production Designer: Barney George
Video Designer: Simon Wainwright
Lighting Designer: Gabriel Chan
Sound Designer: Jeffrey Yue - Ctrl Fre@k
Fight Choreographer: Gordon Choy