Singapore Repertory Theatre


After sweeping the Life! Theatre Awards 2006 with her hit play, Everything but the Brain, award-winning playwright Jean Tay takes on a subject close to every true-blue Singaporean's heart – land.

On this tiny red dot, where sand is as precious as gold, and both living and dead jostle for space, Boom tells the story of a stubborn old woman and her property agent son, who are struggling over the en bloc sale of their home. Their destinies become linked with that of Jeremiah, an idealistic civil servant, who is facing the greatest challenge of his career – persuading a reluctant corpse to relocate.

Welcome to the surreal world of Boom, where the dead aren't allowed to rest in peace and heaven is a luxury sky villa with A1 designer decor. The line between living and dead, between fantasy and reality, is constantly blurred in this comic yet poignant tale about en blocs and exhumations.

Cast size: 6

Creative Team:
Playwright: Jean Tay
Director: Tracie Pang
Set Designer: Wong Chee Wai
Lighting Designer: Yo Shao Ann
Sound Designer: Darren Ng