Singapore Repertory Theatre

8 - 10 Dec 1994 I Victoria Theatre


Chin Kiam Siap, an extremely stingy and miserly person, runs a small but successful advertising company. ("Kiam Siap" actually means "stingy" in Hokkien). His one, and only, employee is the good-natured, good hearted art director Hemsem Tan.

Unfortunately, Hemsem is rather financially-disadvantaged, that is to say, poor. To add to their financial worries, Hemsem and his good wife have a young son, Tiny Tan, who is dying from congenital heart problem. An operation could save him, but who'll pay for it? Uncle Kiam Siap? Not likely! Unless someone or something changes his mind. That, of course, will be nothing short of a miracle.

But this Christmas eve, Chin Kiam Siap, will live through an experience he will not soon forget! He will be haunted by the ghosts of his misdeeds - past, present & future. But will it be enough to make him a changed man? Will Tiny Tan be saved? Will it be a Merry Christmas for the Tans? Everything will be revealed in "A Singapore Carol".

Cast: Deborah Png, Selena Tan, Jeff Isidro, Paul Tan, Ng Chin Han, Melvyn Chew, Ian Fong, Shelia Wyatt, Pamela Wildheart, Jay Baskaran, Donald Li, Jeremy Nonis, Shakar Shahrier Fazal, Jeremy Samuel, Jonathan Tan, Loong Seng Onn, Satesh Kumar, Chio Su-Ping, Remesh Panicker, Stephanie Kwok, Rina Ong, Jerilee Leong, Benjamin Wong, Viki Kor, Aaron Yeo, Nora Samosir, , Jamie Yeo, Clive Scharenguivel

Creative Team:
Written by: Desmond Sim
Director: Remesh Panicker & Tony Petito
Original Music Composer: John Sharpley
Set Designer: Nels Anderson
Special Effects Designer: Paul Kieve
Costume Designer: Tan Kok Lim
Sound Designers: Brian Beasley & Richard Ryan
Lighting Designer: Lito Borromeo
Production Manager: Michelle Yeo