Singapore Repertory Theatre

18 - 29 Sep 1997 I Jubilee Hall, Raffles Hotel


A baby is abandoned on the steps of the famous Raffles Hotel. A childless English couple finds the crying infant and sets sail for home, the child in their arms.

Twenty years later, the orphaned Emma West finds a golden hairpin among her adoptive father's estate and uncovers a dark secret that leads her to Singapore and into a web of conspiracy, deceit and love that stretches back in time and across oceans.

Meanwhile, there are secrets and intrigue aplenty at the house of Lim Chin Boon, a wealthy Peranakan home in Singapore. Master Lim is dying and has just received a letter from a young lady who may or may not be his long-lost grand-daughter. Or is she part of an elaborate plan to steal his wealth.

Anthony Drewe, Sean Ghazi, Ivan Heng, Ria Jones, Koh Chieng Mun, Karen Lim, Hossan Leong, Craig Ngao and Selena Tan.

Creative Team:
Playwrights: Steven Dexter & Tony Petito
Directors: Steven Dexter & Tony Petito

Music: Dick Lee

Lyrics: Anthony Drewe