Singapore Repertory Theatre

26 Nov - 3 Dec 1997 I Jubilee Hall, Raffles Hotel

Some little girls have breasts that are too big; some little girls have breasts that are too small; some little girls have breasts that are just right!

Susie is happily married and is currently expecting her first child. Monica, her close friend, is now with an ang-moh lover. However, he is thinking of giving her breasts implants as a wedding present. Mei, who is the "third Musketeer", is a doctor whose modern views always seem to be contrary to those of Susie's mother, Mrs Lim - a traditional old-fashioned Chinese grandmother-to-be.

One of them soon discovers a life-threatening situation, resulting in all their lives being thrown into turmoil. Tinged with a touch of humour, BREASTISSUES deals with their search for the emotional and mental support they need to overcome this crisis.

Cast: Irene Lim, Karen Lim, Loke Loo Pin and Deborah Png.

Creative Team:
Playwright: Ovidia Yu
Director: Ivan Heng