Singapore Repertory Theatre

17 - 20 Jun 1999 I World Trade Centre

In 1995, US authorities discovered 72 garment workers "illegal immigrants" in an apartment complex ringed with barbed wire and spiked fences. Lured by the promise of a better life, they had left their homes and villages for America, "the golden mountain". But the America they found was not the promised land of their dreams - more the stuff of their nightmares.

This is the story of the American dream gone horribly wrong and a few courageous people who helped set things right.

Cast: Donald Berman, Gerald Chew, Tsai Chin, Henry Heng, Rif Hutton, Lydia Look,Julia Nickson,Jennifer Paz, Amber Simon, Karl Suriya and Debra Teng.

Creative Team:
Playwright: Henry Ong
Director: Henry Ong