Singapore Repertory Theatre

21 - 23 Jul 2011

Grimm Tales offers a contemporary take on the much loved fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm, revealing the dark and mischievous side of the original stories. Wit and enchantment combine to bring to life the colourful and strange world of our imagination.

Featuring The Musicians of BremenAshputtel (Cinderella)The Mouse, the Bird and the SausageThe Golden GooseThe Hare and the HedgehogHansel and GretelThe Magic TableThe Gold-Donkey and the Cudgel in the SackGrimm Tales takes you to a world where the forests are full of danger and adventure, fortunes can be found in the most unexpected places and families struggle to keep the wolf at bay.

This is storytelling with spirit and energy, as Grimm Tales explores our childhood fears, bringing a new twist and more than a hint of black comedy to some of the most famous stories ever written.

Fairy tales for adults – not for the faint-hearted

Cast: Nafisah Anwar, Farid Assalam, Rosemary Chan, Carol Chia, Joshua Cao, Sophie Khoo, Kshitij Kokas, Sean Lai, Gavin Low, Ethel Tan, Ian Ketsu Tan, Juanita Travers, Vanessa Ann Vanderstraaten, Natalie Yeap and Laura Yeo.

Creative Team:
Written by: Carol Ann Duffy
Director: Daniel Jenkins
Production Designer: Chan Silei
Lighting Designer: Yo Shao Ann