Singapore Repertory Theatre

9 - 13 Jul 1997 I Fort Canning Park

The plays of William Shakespeare seem to be enjoying a revival of sorts. A spate of movies and theatre productions are going all out to bring his works to the modern audience, convincing them that the Bard isn't just grandiose, archaic literature for intellectuals and students.

With these new adaptations come interesting features such as Romeo and Juliet and Richard III in new historical contexts or Othello with an extra dose of sexual tension. As for the Singapore Repertory Theatre's recent version of Hamlet you get an ambiguous time setting, bizarre costumes and a Hamlet strutting around with dyed blond hair and nails painted to match his black clothes. So is their version appealing and comprehensible?

Cast: Ang Chong Lee,Paul Chan, Chio Su-Ping,John Cho, Geraldine Kok, Garauv Kripalani, Neo Swee Lin,Sazali Othman, Remesh Panicker, Adrian Pang, Clive Scharenguive, Benjamin Wong, Jenny Woo, David Yip, Ryun Yu, Ozzie Yue and Ogie Zulueta.

Creative Team:
Playwright: William Shakespeare
Director: Barry Kyle