Singapore Repertory Theatre

15 - 20 Dec 1993 I Drama Centre

Once upon a time, there was a princess who longed for the moon. There was a king who turned his kingdom inside out to get it for her. There was the Wizard, the Lord High Chamberlain and the Royal Mathematician, who wondered if the princess might be satisfied with jam tarts, instead. And there was the lowly jester, who alone could unlock the secret of her hearts desire.

Cast: Jay Bhaskar, Jingle Cortes, Asri Elyas, Melvinder Singh Kanth, Kenneth Lee, Martha Lee, Lisa Nayar,V. Ravindran and Cynicia Gillian Woon.

Creative Team:
Written by: James Thurber
Adapted For Stage by: Charlotte B.Chorpenning
Director: Tony Petito
Set Designer: Paul Tan
Lighting Designer: Lito Borromeo
Costume Designer: Tan Hong Chye