Singapore Repertory Theatre

13 - 17 Dec 1995 I Jubilee Hall, Raffles Hotel

Young Harold, a white South African teenager, has known Sam & Willie "2 black South Africans" for the better part of his life. To Harold's mother, the 2 black men are mere servants and employees of her cafe. But to Harold they are close friends. Harold's relationship with Sam, in particular, is a special one. Growing up with a crippled, alcoholic father, Harold often turns to Sam for support, comfort and guidance.

But in 1950, on a wet and windy afternoon at the St. George's Park Tea room, the bonds of friendship are threatened. Harold, Sam & Willie journey down that well-worn path to a place of shame - where only the colour of a man's skin matters. A place where young Harold becomes "Master Harold" and his friends become his "boys".

Is there a way back for them? Or have they passed the point of no return?

Cast: Gary Whitaker, Remesh Panicker, Melvinder Kanth

Creative Team:
Playwright: Athol Fugard
Director: Tony Petito