Singapore Repertory Theatre

4 Nov - 12 Dec 2010

"This puppet is going to be something special...the best I've ever created", thought Gepetto. And thus begins the magical journey of Pinocchio as he is brought to life with the help of the Blue Fairy.

Singapore Repertory Theatre's Stage Two and MediaCorp VizPro International, proudly present a musical adaptation of one of the most popular children's stories, which will be given an Asian twist. With an award-winning creative team from Asia, Australia and the UK, audiences will be in for a visual and theatrical treat this holiday season.

Join Pinocchio in his adventures through a lively marionette theatre, an enchanting Funland and even the belly of a whale, as he learns what it means to be human. Along the way, he meets a whole range of colourful characters - the wise old cricket, Fox and Cat, the conniving pair of villains, naughty schoolboys, and of course the beautiful Blue Fairy.

This heartwarming musical highlights the importance of telling the truth, being brave and unconditional love. It is a must-see for young and old. Recommended for 4 year-olds and above.

Cast: Joanna Ampil, Kaeng Chan, Gerald Chew, Bright Ong, Dayah Rahim, Dwayne Tan, Filomar C. Tariao, Amanda Tee

Creative Team:
Director: Darren Yap
Writer: Jean Tay
Composer and Musical Director: David Shrubsole
Production Designer: Matthew Mccall
Choreographer: Gianti Giadi
Hair Designer: Ashley Lim
Puppetry Creation: Graeme Haddon
Lighting Designer: Andy Lim
Sound Designer: Jeffery Yue