Singapore Repertory Theatre

7 - 12 Sept 2004

Cynthia Han is a Nominated Member of Parliament and a successful architect in her own right. She is a shining example of a Singaporean who loves her country with a deep passion. When her industrialist husband passes away, the perfect world around her begins to crumble and even her loved ones begin to transform before her very eyes.

Values are put to the test in this thought-provoking and relevant drama, written by Dick Lee. Directed by Christian Huber, The Good Citizen stars Koh Chieng Mun.

Cast: Zakim Albakari, Amy Cheng, Brenden Fernandez, Koh Chieng Mun, Loke Loo Pin, Elizabeth Tan

Creative Team:
Playwright: Dick Lee
Director: Christian W. Huber
Production Designer: Paul Tan
Lighting Designer: Suven Chan
Sound Designer: Varian Tan
Stage Manager: Andy Tan