Singapore Repertory Theatre

6 - 11 April 1994 I DBS Auditorium 

The Magic Fundoshi is a trilogy of three plays performed in the Kyogen tradition. There are no masks, no elaborate sets or costumes and no specialized make-up ~ the appeal of Kyogen theatre lies in its utter simplicity; the capability to portray human beings at their best and their worst in the most hilarious way.

The Perfect Servants
At Miyako, now Kyoto, during the late Heian period at the end of the twelfth century. The house of the lady is at one side of the stage and the house of the lord, at the other. Two servants set Lord Ichimotsu and Lady Chibusa up on a date. When they are too lazy to go, the maid and valet disguise themselves as the lord and lady and meet instead.

The Magic Fundoshi
At Naniwa, now Osaka, during the late Muromachi period at the middle of the sixteen century. At the crossroads outside town. Rejected by the ladies, a dim-witted lord falls prey to scheming Taro Kaja who sells him a magic fundoshi, visible only to the opposite sex.

The Misplaced Goddess
The Cave of the Goddess Benten on the island of Enoshima near Edo, now Tokyo, at the beginning of the Meiji era in the mid-nineteenth century. Priests at the Shrine of the Goddess of Love find hr statue missing, and so impersonate the life-size figure themselves in order not to disappoint eager pilgrims.

Cast: Taro Kaja, Paul Courtney Hugh, Daniel York, Lim Kay Siu, Adrian Pang, Anna Chen, David Tse

Creative Team:
Director: Glen Goei & Stephen Knight 
Playwright: Donald Richie