Singapore Repertory Theatre

19 - 22 Jul 2001

Fairy Tales are not just for children…. piles of guts, heaps of breasts and the heads of young women litter the bloody chamber of Mr. Fox. Take a walk down The White Road and taste the darkness found only in nightmares. Be Bold, Be Bold, but not too Bold.

Based on Neil Gaiman’s (the brilliant mind behind The Sandman series) The White Road, the play is a surreal fairytale surfeit with beasts, vengeful fathers, comely maidens and a castle with a dark, dark secret.

Drawn from the story of Bluebeard, The White Road leads a young woman down the path of innocence towards her seductive lover’s castle, who may not be whom he seems to be…or is he? Filled with more Machiavellian plotting then an episode of Survivor, it is a struggle to outwit, outplay and outlast, as the players engage in psychological battle for supremacy.

Cast: Boo, Carolyn Ang, Chong Shuying, Chrstie Chua, Brendon Marc Fernandez, Joseph Giri, Eliza Goh, Cheryl Ho, Grace Lam, Vanessa Lam, Jonathan Lum, Mo Jing Jing, Diana Natalie, Adelina Ong, Daren Tan, Marianne Tan, Terence Tay, Carol Anne Tong, Melissa Wong. 

Creative Team:
Artistic Director/Director: Wendy Ng
Company Manager: Diana Natalie
Production Manager: Paul Tan
Lighting Designer: Jeffrey Tan
Sound Designer: Joseph Glrl
Set Designer: Hella Chan
Costume Designer: Betty