Singapore Repertory Theatre

20 Jun - 21 Jul 2000 I AFP Theatre, Camp Aguinaldo

Successful popular songwriter, Vernon Gersch, meets with a new collaborator, lyricist Sonia Walsk, in his Central Park West apartment. A bit reserved himself, Vernon is quickly knocked for a loop by the human dynamo that is Sonia, as she simultaneously manifests hero worship for Vernon, while seriously eroding his self-confidence with off-handed criticism of his works. It's sort of fair though, for Vernon has already declared his appreciation of her lyrics - well, of one of her titles, actually!

While their individual quirks and neuroses seem to feed their creativity, their interpersonal communication is riddled with contradictions. The fact that Sonia has an ex, Leon (never seen by the audience), who keeps popping up on the telephone at the most inconvenient moments, doesn't help her relationship with Vernon. They can't seem to agree about anythingut they do make beautiful music together. Can they stop arguing long enough to fall in love?

Cast: Adrian Pang and Lea Salonga.

Creative Team: 
Playwright: Neil Simon
Director: Steven Dexter
Music by: Marvin Hamlisch
Lyrics by: Carole Bayer Sager