Singapore Repertory Theatre

15 Mar - 6 Apr 2013 I DBS Arts Centre - Home of SRT

"Venus rises and astounds" - SPH, The Straits Times

"A darkly delicious, satisfying time at the theatre…not to be missed." - TODAY

" of the most memorable plays you'll catch this year." - Flying Ink Pot

From the moment the lights go down, David Ives’ Venus in Fur stimulates, starting off on a humourous note but becomes progressively darker, more dangerous and deliciously erotic.

Adapted from a novella by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, whose name inspired the term masochism (a clue as to the nature of the play) it leads you through psychosexual games in two realities - between the director and wannabe actress of the play, and between the Victorian male and female characters of the play-within-the-play.

The mysteries surrounding the seemingly clueless and naïve Vanda are lathered on as the layers around the arrogant and composed Thomas are peeled off. Along the way, the mood is kept comically racy as Vanda switches between wannabe actress and sensual seductress, and back again, in a blink of an eye – sometimes, mid-sentence.

Together, this electrifying cat-and-mouse game promises to be more steamy than E.L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey, one that is funny yet mysterious, sensual yet unsettling.

Cast: Steffanie Leigh, Anson Mount

Creative Team:
Writer: David Ives
Director: Ed Sylvanus Iskandar
Production Designer: Francis O'Connor
Costume & Props Designer: Loren Shaw
Lighting Designer: Gabriel Chan
Sound Designer: Jeffrey Yue
Voice & Text Coach: Amy Jo Jackson
Violence Director: Michael Wieser