Singapore Repertory Theatre

Make a difference to your career in the arts with STC’s Residency Programme

The Residency Programme is a hands-on training programme designed to nurture the talent and potential of young theatre professionals looking to further their careers in Singapore’s theatre industry. 

Residents will work closely alongside local and international colleagues on a wide range of productions and programmes, developing their skills and understanding of their chosen specialities while participating in the day-to-day workings of one of the leading theatre companies in Asia. 

The opportunity to train on a live programme allows the Resident to set goals, review their progress and develop their skills in direct relation to the industry. Training in this format offers many benefits to career development, offering Residents diverse and high-quality work experiences that will support future employment opportunities. 

The programme is a full-time Earn and Learn position and may span 12 to 24 months depending on your experience in the field. A monthly stipend will be provided to assist the Resident with living expenses for the duration of this skill development programme. 

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"I joined the residency programme because it provided an opportunity for me to train on the job, and learn from working with professionals on a daily basis. STC’s programme also allows me to work with a wide variety of productions, be it for TLC, TYC, or Mainstage; or even restagings, new productions, or commissioned works. 


What I hope to walk away with is a better sense of the industry, a big network of contacts in the industry, a sizeable portfolio of works I have assisted directed, and a wider creative palette for directing."


- Eric Larrea, Resident Assistant Director, July 2023

"I decided to join the residency firstly because I enjoy earn & learn programmes, and I enjoy learning new things and honing new skills. As I mentioned during my initial meeting with you before I joined, I've always adored theatre, acting and the community within. Marketing has also always been my forte, and so this residency provides me the best of both worlds basically! And I'm very thrilled about that.


What I do hope after these 2 years, is to have made some sort of impact to the company and the community. The Access programmes that we have is something that I am looking forward to learning more about. When I was in poly, we put together sensory shows for children with autism, and those shows are definitely core memories for me. Apart from that, I also hope to be able to be a fresh voice through our marketing platforms."


- Raiessha Noa, Arts Marketing Resident, February 2024

"What I would like to walk away from this programme is to be more confident in what I do, which is production management/coordination, and also cause I'm still a fresh graduate, I do hope to also have made enough connections to help me network through the industry."


- Lynn Chuang, Resident Production Coordinator, February 2024