Singapore Repertory Theatre

September Stage Camp by STC Centre for Creative Learning

What makes a true villain? His big sharp teeth? His wicked behaviour?  

Inspired by TLC’s production of The Three Little Pigs, join us for an adventure to uncover if Mr Wolf is as bad as he seems or perhaps just misunderstood? This September, at Stage Camp by STC Centre for Creative Learning, we're tearing down the straw house of misconceptions and exposing the truth behind one of fairytales' most notorious characters! 

Pushing their creativity beyond the realms of this classic tale, your young actors will be given the chance to rewrite the narrative and learn tips and tricks to become captivating storytellers. Join us at the end of the week to see your young actors take to the stage with a showcase that will huff, puff and blow you away! 

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For more information, kindly contact the STC’s Centre for Creative Learning at or at 6221 5585.