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24 Sep - 10 Oct 2019| KidsSTOP™, Science Centre Singapore

Catalysts – A Promenade Theatre Performance

Embark on an exciting journey with our founders, Jo & Win, as they learn more about their feelings through KidsSTOP™ & Singapore Repertory Theatre’s first ever STEAM-themed promenade theatre performance, Catalysts


When the KidsSTOP™ cat Madame Curie is 'catnapped' by grouchy Dr FeelBad, her best friends Jo and Win feel sad and angry - which is exactly how Dr FeelBad wants them to feel. Jo and Win then remembers what Madame Curie once told them: "Always question. Always wonder." So they ask themselves, "If we know why we feel bad today, will it help us feel better tomorrow?" Journey with Jo and Win by rocket, train, and even dinosaur, as they rescue Madame Curie, cheer-up Dr FeelBad, and explore science!

Catalysts is an interactive promenade theatre experience where the audience interact and physically move together with the actors from one scene to the next.



Rob is a playwright and producer based in Manchester, in the UK. He has written over thirty plays staged across the UK and Ireland. Rob won the 2011 Kings Cross Award for New Writing for Einstein's Daughter while his play Dark Satanic won Best Drama at the 2017 Manchester Fringe Festival. Rob has created lots of plays with and for young people, including schools adaptations of Treasure Island, Frankenstein, and The Iron Giant. Before becoming a playwright Rob worked as an engineer in the energy industry and has a degree in theoretical physics - which may or may not have helped in creating Catalysts.





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Event Date

24 September - 10 October

KidsSTOP™, Science Centre Singapore

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