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SRT is proud to present a series of 9 new and original monologues created by 9 local writers on the optimistic, the bittersweet, and the touching side of life in the shadow of the coronavirus. Based around the theme “Silver Linings” each short 4-6 minute monologue looks at the optimistic, the humorous, the bittersweet, and the touching side of life under Covid-19, and the silver linings that we may find in these unusual and often frightening times. Find out more about The Coronalogues here.


The Odyssey by Dick Lee

This monologue is written as lyrics to a song of the audience’s imagination. It is about a regular part of a Singaporean’s CB routine which turns into an epic adventure for this Singaporean’s amusement, and now, hopefully for the audience’s too.

Stay Home Notice by Jo Tan

X is living it up on the 20th floor of the Swissotel, with a glittering view of the Marina Bay Sands... but the only reason he can afford to be there is because he's on stay-home-notice after picking the strangest possible time to return from years of self-exile in London. As he eats his government-funded mee goreng and examines a picture-perfect Singapore he can see but can't touch, he hopes he has picked the right country to call his home, truly.  

The Zoologist by Ken Kwek

Andrew McTear is one of Singapore’s leading zoologists. His wife has left him because of his reluctance to have a baby. Now, struggling with loneliness in lockdown, McTear carves a fertility symbol made out of wood in an attempt to woo his wife back.

Avocado Oil by Rishi Budhrani

An Indian woman, in her 30s, is failing at the dating game. Multiple weird Tinder dates, meaningless f**kbois, AND pressure from her orthodox Indian parents to "let us find you someone." She meets a man while doing her lockdown grocery shopping. They speak, exchange numbers, but haven't seen each other's face. Only eyes. They are talking, things are going well. But they've agreed NOT to look at each others' pictures on social media, NOR remove their masks, until this whole thing is over and they get a chance to meet each other, properly, with no distancing measures, no conditions. 

Miss Aruna Nair Teaches Plato’s Cave via Home-Based Learning in the Pandemic of 2020 by Michelle Tan

Schools are now officially closed. Zoom is banned and then unbanned. No one is more excited and frustrated and anxious about these developments than Miss Aruna, who will now be conducting her first Literature class online for her 15-year-old students.

I’m Fine, Really by Dora Tan

I’m fine, Really hints at the traumatic psychological effects of domestic abuse and the ironic respite the circuit breaker offers. During an online real-time psychotherapy session, a domestic abuse survivor tells her therapist that she’s fine. We get a glimpse of what life was like pre-covid when her abuser was still staying there. Since the circuit breaker, when no one can come into the house, she feels safer and enjoys little pleasures like watching TV with her children that she never could before. 

You've Been Here… All Along by Wheelsmith (Access Path Productions)

You’ve Been Here... All Along? is a state of reflection as the walls of the world collectively come up. 
One was made aware of its existence, only through brute force of confinement. As life took a stand still... we are given a chance to reach in, reach out and re-discover, within the walls.

The Mind lingers. The Self is aware.  The Observer constant. 

Wheelchair, your home. The bed is only a reason. As life took a stand still... unravel some truths in your journey, within the walls. 

Love in a time of Covid by Tan Suet Lee

Love in a time of Covid follows Fern, mid-fifties and living with her aging father, as she discovers love with George, a security guard at her local shopping mall.

Work/Home Balance by Jacke Chye

It's already Dorscom Orange!! And Mrs Tan can't believe her company still hasn't implemented Work From Home. Then she gets her wish. But is Working From Home all that she has dreamt it to be?   

The Coronalogues will premiere on SRT’s Facebook Page on Tuesday, 26 May 2020 at 8pm. Click here to find out more.