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The Art of Improvisation

In the fast-changing modern workplace, being adaptable is more important than ever. Adaptability is the top skill that organisations look for in 2024. Adaptability will help your team stay versatile and calm in dynamic work situations. And when coupled with a strong collaborative mindset, teams can foster an adaptable and supportive culture where failures serve as valuable lessons and new ideas evolve into significant advancements.  

The Art of Improvisation workshop uses improv exercises and techniques to help your people build that muscle of adaptability, strengthen their collaborative skills, and unlock tools to spark innovation. They will learn to be active yet present listeners, to tap into their spontaneity, and to trust themselves in moments of self-doubt and uncertainty.   

This workshop is designed to provide participants with a practical introduction to essential skills and techniques applicable to their corporate roles. Customised sessions are also available to address specific skill requirements, with flexible facilitator-to-participant ratios to suit individual needs.

Duration: 3 – 6 hours

Recommended for: Entry level to Management

Learning Goals:

  • Learn to employ active listening 

  • Learn to think on your feet and respond in the moment, fostering quick, innovative thinking, and adaptability 

  • Learn to overcome self-doubt and silence their inner critic 

  • Recognise the significance of collaborative support and aim to cultivate a work atmosphere built on trust 

For more information and group booking enquiries, please email at or at 6221 5585.