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The Art of Storytelling

A story can be a powerful tool to connect with, persuade, and influence the mindsets and behaviours of your audience. Cognitive psychologist Jerome Bruner finds that facts are 20 times more likely to be remembered if they’re part of a story. In an era of hybrid work, evolving your communication skills is key to long-term professional success. 

Elevate your communication skills with The Art of Storytelling workshop. Drawing from proven techniques used by seasoned actors to captivate audiences, this programme empowers you to forge meaningful connections in your delivery and craft narratives that capture your audience’s attention across an ever-expanding range of channels and platforms. This programme will also refine essential skills in becoming clear, concise, and confident communicators.           

This workshop is designed to provide participants with a practical introduction to essential skills and techniques applicable to their corporate roles. Customised sessions are also available to address specific skill requirements, with flexible facilitator-to-participant ratios to suit individual needs.

Duration: 3 – 6 hours

Recommended for: Entry level to Management

Learning Goals:

  • Gain an essential toolkit for cultivating effective and confident speaking skills in-person and online 

  • Understand the significance of authenticity, focusing on human-to-human delivery and interaction 

  • Learn to craft and deliver compelling narratives in speeches and presentations 

  • Learn how to understand the audience and tailor delivery to meet the needs of the target market or client 

For more information and group booking enquiries, please email at or at 6221 5585.