Singapore Repertory Theatre

Ticketing Terms & Conditions

In these terms and conditions, "STC" refers to Singapore Theatre Company Ltd. Performances, plays, musical, exhibitions, workshops, talks, panel discussions, festivals and other events run by STC are referred to as “Events”. All tickets, e-tickets, vouchers, and packages for the Events are referred to as “Tickets”. Spaces where the Events are held are referred to as “Venues”. Ticketing agents for the Tickets include but are not limited to Pte Ltd are referred to as “Agents”.

These terms and conditions shall apply to all persons at the Venues, including but not limited to holders of Tickets to Events to be held at the Venues. STC, Agents and the management/owners of the Venues are entitled to rely upon and enforce these terms & conditions.

1. Ticket purchasers and Event attendees voluntarily assume all risks and dangers incidental to the event whether occurring prior to, during or subsequent to the actual event, including any death, personal injury, loss, damage or liability. To the furthest extent permissible by law, STC, Venue owners and their authorised representatives, agents and employees shall not be liable for any death, personal injury, loss or damage however caused while in the Venue. Nothing in these terms and conditions shall limit liability in respect of death or personal injury caused by negligence of STC or the Venue owner (as the case may be).

2. STC may alter, add, withdraw or substitute artists and/or the advertised details for an Event, seating arrangements and audience capacity at its discretion without prior notice.

3. STC may postpone, cancel, interrupt or stop an Event due to adverse weather conditions, dangerous situations, or any cause beyond its reasonable control.

4. Tickets sold are non-refundable, except for when any Event has been cancelled without postponement by STC. Refunds are not applicable to postponed Events, or Events that have been interrupted or otherwise stopped mid-Event. Refunds will be made only to the person who purchased the relevant Ticket and shall be made are subject to the return of the original Ticket and evidence of purchase. Refunds may be administered directly by STC or by the Agent.

5. Trading or resale of Tickets purchased is not allowed. STC has the right to forfeit any Ticket that is resold or traded or refuse entry to any person who holds such a Ticket.

6. Infants or children below 6 years old shall not attend the Events unless permitted by STC. All other admissions are subjected to Tickets being produced at the entrance.

7. Latecomers will not be admitted until a suitable break (if any) in the performance.

8. Student, Senior Citizen and other passes, where applicable, must be shown to obtain discounts (where applicable) and upon admission.

9. No smoking, food, beverages, photography, audio or video recording is allowed in the venue unless otherwise stated by STC.

10. STC reserves the right without refund or compensation, to refuse admission to any person whose conduct is disorderly or unbecoming, or if it is reasonably suspected that the Ticket is stolen, counterfeit, damaged or unreadable or that it was reported lost.

11. If you are photographed, filmed or taped, you consent to STC to broadcast, publish, license and use any photographs, films, recordings or images of you without compensation.

12. You agree to submit to any search for any prohibited items, including but not limited to weapons, controlled, dangerous and illegal substances and any recording devices.

13. Replacement Tickets with numbered seats may be issued subject to verification of the patron's details against purchase records and payment of an administrative fee. Replacement Tickets will not be issued if the authenticity of purchase cannot be accurately ascertained. Replacement Tickets will not be issued for free seating or general admission events.