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Current & Upcoming Programmes (Educators)



Are you passionate about adopting a holistic approach to teaching, using your musical talent? Then this could be a great opportunity for you!

As the only overseas affiliate of the prestigious Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through The Arts, Singapore Theatre Company (STC) is proud to push for an arts integrated preschool system where the arts play a key role in learning. Fine-tuned through decades of research, Wolf Trap is a holistic arts integration methodology designed to infuse elements across all performing arts into local pre-school curriculum through Wolf Trap residencies with educators within the classroom.

Since 2022, Singapore Wolf Trap Classroom Residency, having been recognized and approved as an NAC-AEP eligible programme, has benefitted over 7,000 preschool children and over 100 educators in pre-schools across Singapore, and the good work is delivered by our team of over 20 Wolf Trap-trained Teaching Artists.

By working closely with Wolf Trap Institute and other stakeholders, STC is conducting the next round of training FOR MUSIC EDUCATORS to become Wolf Trap Teaching Artists!

After the training, you will be engaged by STC to deliver Wolf Trap programmes in Singapore. Being trained in the Wolf Trap method is also a form of invested professional development by STC for you free of charge as part of our commitment to raise the standards of arts education in Singapore in general. 

If you:

  • are a professional musician
  • have a minimum 3 years of demonstrable professional experience as a musician
  • have a minimum 3 years of experience teaching classes
  • are passionate with engaging children
  • have an understanding of early childhood development but would like to learn more

Then we want you!

Apply Now!

Training period: 21 – 25 October 2024 (9:00am – 5:00pm daily, lunch provided)
Application deadline: 1st August 2024

Here’s what our current Wolf Trap Teaching Artists have to say about the training:

“This experience was very intense, in terms of learning the pedagogy and its methods, and at the same time, it was extremely fulfilling. The facilitators were so kind and supportive in their coaching that it made learning so joyful. I am extremely thankful for the space given to us to try out our lessons, gather feedback and a chance to learn from the other artists. Being able to see how other artists approach their lessons made learning and executing the pedagogy less daunting.” – Irsyad Dawood, Wolf Trap Teaching Artist

“This training programme was immensely helpful in allowing me to learn more about the Wolf Trap pedagogy, which is an approach that has intrigued me since 2021. I'm grateful for the opportunity to learn from the master training artists, who shared experiences and practices that definitely contributed to my growth as a teaching artist.” – Isabelle Low, Wolf Trap Teaching Artist

Only 4 slots available, so apply today!
If you have any inquiries, please reach out to